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Lesson/ Fumie Hosoi

Fumie Hosoi

Profile-Fumie Hosoi

Fumie Hosoi (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) is currently the sole Head of Training certified by STAT in Asia. She studied Alexander Technique at the North London Teacher Training Course under Misha Magidov, and after her training, she stayed in London to teach private students as well as working as a visiting teacher at the training school. Her pupils included many music students from the Royal Academy of Music and the Purcell School of Music. She has worked with master teachers and trainers such as Marjory Barlow, Shoshana Kaminitz, Giora Pinkas as well as Yehuda Kuperman.

At the end of 2004 she returned to Japan and started the Alexander Technique Studio in Tokyo (ATST). Since then she has given many sessions for musicians and actors, classes at universities as well as one-on-one private lessons. In 2013 she was given permission by STAT to open a training course in Tokyo, and it is currently the only STAT certified school in Asia. She has worked through lectures and workshops with organizations such as Suntory Hall Academy, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and the National University of the Arts. Since 2016 summer, she started a week-long workshop series titled “Alexander Technique and the Performing Arts” which includes a series of various performing arts workshops, linking them to exploring the understanding and practice of Alexander Technique. Through these workshops she has collaborated and invited master teachers such as Ilan Rachel (AT and movement teacher, Royal Academy of Drama), Yusuke Kanai (National Treasure, Noh) and Masami Iizuka (conductor, Ensemble Sonare).

In 2015 her article The Technique as Personal Cultivation: A Japanese Perspective was published in a collective book Connected Perspectives, The Alexander Technique in Context (published by HITE Healthcare Integrated Training & Education), and in 2017 her Japanese translation of Patrick Macdonald’s book As I See It received many positive reviews, and in 2019 will be reprinted for further editions.

Fumie’s other experience and qualifications includes an extensive teaching experience as a Japanese language teacher in major schools in Japan and Singapore, including the National University of Singapore. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Philosophy.

an easy way to learn

One-to one lessons: ~an easy way to learn~

Everybody has their own problems and different habitual pattern of tension. One-to-one lessons allows us to work with each individual needs.The Alexander Technique is about changing your unconscious bad habits, where taking an initiative yourself on daily basis is absolutely vital. As special exercises and equipments are not necessary, age, physical fitness or spacial capacity is not an issue.

Alexander Teacher Training course (STAT approved)

In 2012 STAT approved ATST (Alexander Technique Studio Tokyo) to found a Teachers Training course.
It started May 2013, currently grown into a school with four Assistant Teachers as well as the HoT.

ATST(Alexander Technique Studio Tokyo) Supported by

Suzan Laurie National Theatre , Royal Shakespeare Company Alexander Technique Teacher

Paul Moore Royal Academy of Music Head of Alexander Technique

Howard Sykes Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Anthony Kingsley Head of Alexander Teacher Training School

Ilana Machova Head of Alexander Technique School, Queen’s Park



New STUDIO  (10 Feburuary 2015)

〒145−0062 Ohtaku Kitasenzoku 1-5-2 Vera Heits Senzoku 102

Senzoku station (Tokyu Meguro Line) 3 minutes walk
Kitasenzoku station (Tokyu O-imachi Line) 4 minutes walk
O-okayama station 7 minutes walk




For more information, please contact me via phone, fax and e-mail.

Tel/fax : 03-3718-6813


First lesson (introductory lesson)  1hour 9000yen

After first lesson 40min. 7000yen

Cancelation/Re-scheduling Policy

All communications must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  If you miss, cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount.

About the STAT

In 1958 (three years after Alexander’s death) STAT was founded by the assistants and teachers who were trained by Alexander.
The aims of the Society are: to maintain and to improve professional standards, to prevent abuse by untrained people and to make the Technique more widely known.
The teaching members of STAT are certified to teach after successfully completing a three-year, full-time training course approved by the Society.

Website: www.stat.org.uk

Student experiences

As a musician in New York City, excellence is always demanded. Playing the double bass can be quite taxing on your body. The awkward size of the instrument requires you to be in positions not natural to the human body for the many hours of the day it requires to perform at a high level. Alexander Technique helps me use my body in a way that is as comfortable as possible when performing. It prevents me from constantly crouching over my instrument so left-hand technique is made much easier by giving me space for movement. Because I stand taller when I play, my stage presence has improved and has given me confidence on stage. Without this extra stress, I can perform at my full potential at all times.

In Ms. Hosoi’s lessons I found her direction to be very clear and concise yet never forceful. When she uses her hands to guide my position, she never forced any motion on me. Her touch was guiding and helped me feel what Alexander Teachers teach. After lessons I found every day tasks such as walking, sitting, standing, to require less effort. When I returned home to New York City I noticed the difference immediately when I started to practice. Relaxation on the double bass was finally possible and hardly required any extra thought. After Ms. Hosoi’s lessons I noticed that the main issue of my body was the use of my back. I plan to continue Alexander Technique to fully explore the use of my back and try to make it as effective as possible. Even though I only had three lessons with Ms. Hosoi, I have been truly enlightened by Alexander Technique. If a trip to Japan was as easy as taking a taxi downtown, I would absolutely continue my lessons with Ms. Hosoi. Her words still ring through my head whenever I sit, practice, eat, or do anything “Keep your back, back.” Thank you Ms. Hosoi for guiding me in the right direction to be able to perform at my full potential whenever it is required.

Other comments

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AT教師 ポストグラジュエートクラス
アレクサンダーテクニークスタジオ東京主催   ~ポストグラジュエートクラスのご案内~ &nb


1~4月 夜間表現クラス
月2回の定期的なグループクラスですが、その日単独でも、積み上げでご参加の方にも楽しんでいただけます。 アレクサンダ


前回ご好評頂きました1日体験コースを1月に行います。 今回は「動きの中で考える」というテーマで行います。人数が限ら


ATST 1日体験クラス 2019年11月17日 終了
ATST体験コース、満員御礼で終了いたしました。 アレクサンダー経験のバックグラウンドは様々ですが、みなさん熱心で


夜間 アレクサンダーテクニークと表現 クラス
アレクサンダーテクニークと表現 ~自由で豊かな感覚をつかいましょう~     俳優や音楽家に


ATST 教師養成トレーニング1日体験コース
アジアで唯一のSTAT認定教師養成校 アレクサンダーテクニークスタジオ東京(ATST)トレーナー達による 教師養成ト


『個人レッスンを体験しよう!』 表現とアレクサンダー〜企画
アレクサンダーテクニークスタジオ東京(ATST)出身の教   師3名と教育実習中のトレーニ−3人で


ATST トレーナーたちによる公開講座
ATATトレーナーたちによる公開講座 アレクサンダーテクニーク 一日ワークショップ ~~やりたいことを自由にできる!


2019年 春夏学期開講 マーク先生来日!




アレクサンダーテクニークスタジオ東京は、東京都目黒区にあります。 楽器演奏やバレエ、ダンスなどあらゆるジャンルのパフォーマンスを引き出すことができます。 また、だるさ、疲れ、肩こり、腰痛など慢性的な悩みや痛み、ストレスや本番時の緊張に対しても、 アレクサンダーテクニークが問題を克服する手助けをすることができます。



メールにてレッスンの問合わせはこちら お電話は03-3718-6813まで


アクセス: 東急目黒線洗足駅(徒歩6分) / 東急大井町線 北千束駅(徒歩7分)、大岡山駅(徒歩10分) / 東急東横線 都立大学駅徒歩18分)

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